Over the past two years, Opaa! is proud to say we've retained 99.2 percent of our current clients. In fact, 21 of our clients have been with us for more than 15 years. There's plenty we could say about our commitment to customer service, but we believe these long-term relationships speak volumes.

"Opaa! has been such a success this past week! One of the fourth grade students told his teacher the first day, 'Whoever thought of this is a genius!' I have a teacher who has not eaten in the cafeteria for eight years eat an Opaa! lunch. He is looking forward to the Asian Chicken Wraps next week. The other day word quickly spread down the high school hallways that the yogurt had real fruit and "crunchy things." Needless, to say, it was a hit.

Our numbers are up. I believe that we are putting more food on kids' plates, but my custodians say there is less food thrown away. Our kids are eating what they get. Opaa! has been a breath of fresh air. The only complaints that I have heard are that one kid wasn't crazy about whole wheat and lots of 'Why didn't we do this sooner?'

One of my teachers was bragging to several other administrators about our food service (after 2 days). She told them to check out Opaa! on their website. 

It has been quite a week, I have three new board members, have hired two new principals, and have gotten one incredible Food Service Company."

Shannon Snow
Stockton R-I School District