Opaa! Supports Sustainability

Opaa! enthusiastically supports the green efforts of our various school districts.

For instance, several of our schools have eliminated disposable dishes and flatware in their cafeterias, and Opaa! happily embraces this initiative.

Buying from local farmers through the Farm to School program not only helps our local economies, but also means at least some of the produce used in our kitchens won't have to be transported hundreds or thousands of miles, saving fuel and reducing pollution.

Another way Opaa! supports green efforts is our Extreme Fruit & Vegetable Challenge conducted at various schools. It's a fun way to take the "scariness" out of trying unfamiliar fruits and vegetables with the long-term goal of helping children eat healthier and reduce the amount of food they throw away.

These are only a few examples, but keep watching this space as Opaa! continues to look at new ways to go green. If your school has a sustainability program, be sure to let us knowOpaa! will comply in every way we can.